Our Mission
As a Canadian company, we, Jenfab Metal Fabrication Ltd., through the involvement and commitment of each employee, will be recognized by it's customers and competitors as the Industry Leader in Metal Fabrication Products and Innovations.

We, the employees of Jenfab Metal Fabrication Ltd., will consistently provide the highest quality, most cost effective, competitive metal products with state of the art technology.
Company Profile
Jenfab Metal Fabrication Ltd. has been a family run business for 30+ years doing custom sheet metal fabrications. The company was founded in August 1985 by Flemming Jensen.

We service many different industries.
For the construction industry we have produced various types of brackets and u-channels.

For the computer and electronics industry we have manufactured various cabinets that house sophisticated electronic circuit boards.
For the food and medical industries we have produced various stainless steel counter tops and cabinets.

For the automotive industry manufacturing various prototype parts.
We provide comprehensive custom metal fabrication solutions for all types and sizes of materials. Our experienced technical staff will offer design suggestions and fabrication options developed with the goal of increased reliability and quality, cost savings, and improved production techniques.
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