Laser Cutting
Two 2D CO2 Lasers

One 5 x 10 Mitsubishi 6kw eX Series unit and
One 5 x 10 Mitsubishi 4.5kw LVPLUSII Series unit

This equipment can handle the following:

Mild Steel - .005" to 1"
Stainless Steel - .005" to 3/4"
Aluminium - 0.015" to 1/2"
The eX Series Laser

Mitsubishi 5th generation high speed flying optic CO2 Laser. The eX series is designed to meet the everyday demand of operators. Built on a heavy duty, single platform. The eX incorporates important advancements like, faster movement, more powerful piercing and an ECO mode that provides more running costs savings in the market today. And of course includes the revolutionary X-Flow R Series resonator.

From Mitsubishi is at the top of the class for heavy-duty, high-performance laser applications. Proven, more advanced CFX resonators, the LV Series machines feature the latest enhancements to Mitsubishi’s patented cross-flow laser technology.

The LVPLUSII is built on a single-piece, ultra-rigid, Dianite casting to withstand the most challenging environments and applications. Fully network and automation ready, the user-friendly LVPLUSII meets the demanding needs of today’s job shops and heavy-duty OEM users.
The following videos, from Mitsubishi, demonstrate the eX 6kw and LVPlusII 4.5kw laser system with the CF-R resonator cutting samples in various materials and thicknesses. Please note the high cutting speed, fine profile detail, quick pierce time and edge quality of the finished profile.
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